Inspiration vs Perspiration

Posted on 8/ 15/16

Are you feeling perspired with what you are working on in your business or project? Is something that is important to you moving at a snails pace?


In Vedic Astrology the planets Saturn and Mars have been traveling close together since early winter and are about to come into exact alignment in Scorpio on August 24th. Together they have a start-and-stop  energy which can be less than satisfying even frustrating. It may even cause you to question if you should keep going with a project that you once knew in your heart was the next best step for you to get your work out in the world.


This energy has the potential to leave you feeling bogged down. You may consider abandoning ship because the project is sinking instead of sailing.


Fear Not! There is a way to navigate through this energy and get your project done without leaving your perspired or even expired.


I’ve been hit with this start-and-stop energy in launching my new website, but I’ve figured out a way to successfully navigate through this energy that I want to share with you.


In this video I give you a solution to get  you in sync with inspiration, the positive energy of Mars, which will keep you afloat so your project can keep sailing forward instead stalling out or sinking.


Click the video below.


Lots of Love,



P.S. I’m super excited to share my new website with you soon. There will be lots of cool resources to help you chart your path, lead with your divine gifts, make more impact, and have more success.


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New Moon – Wisdom Alignment

Posted on 8/ 2/16

This new moon activation is in Cancer in Vedic Astrology and is calling you to align with your inner nobility. Think of your inner nobility as your inner king and queen. Your divine feminine and sacred masculine. We all have both energies within and it is time to use them even more wisely.


It’s a potent time to bring your most nobel self to manifesting your mission and business and balance the energy between giving and receiving, doing and resting, and spiritual and material fulfillment.


From July 31st to August 11th we are also being graced by the Goddess Saraswati. She Goddess of wisdom, knowledge, and creativity. You will want to open and align with this wisdom activation!


Wisdom is knowledge experienced.


When you mix knowledge and wisdom with creativity,  you have everything you need to move your mission forward and experience deep and lasting fulfillment. The world needs YOU and your mission more than ever.


In the video below I will fill you in on how to make the most of this window of time and connect you with your unique inspired action for aligning with your wisdom.


Post your inspired action and questions in the comments below.

Much Love,


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Ride The Momentum and Get It Done

Posted on 6/ 27/16

There is a wave of forward momentum that has kicked in this last week that will be here to supercharge your goals and projects till mid July. Can you feel it?


With the wind at your back you can take laser focused action to finally move your goals forward and get that to do list checked off, that project done or even started… without feeling like you’re pushing a boulder uphill.


My productivity is on fire and I am loving checking off my to do list and moving my projects forward with EASE and GRACE.


So I made this quick video for you to share with some helpful tips on how to really focus in on what is most important to YOU, so you can be productive where it is most important to you… and LOVE doing it.


Click this video below and turn up the volume.


Lots of Love,





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Full Moon Solstice – Intuitive Activation

Posted on 6/ 21/16

Happy Full Moon Solstice!


This is a magical time of LIGHT. Are you ready to have your intuition activated?


We are at the height of the light and growing season. It is time to take stock of what you have grown so far this year and decide what you want to grow going forward.


Venus, Mercury and the Moon are a gateway for deep intuitive insights. Your intuitions value is actualized when you heed the call… and take the inspired action your intuition is calling you to.


“Intuition is seeing with the Soul.”  ~ Dean Koontz


Maybe it’s time to write that book, create a new product, start a new service in your business, or step more authentically into your highest value gifts and make a bigger difference.


Are you tired of feeling like you are pushing a boulder up hill in your projects and business?


There is an opening for you to finally be productive and supercharge your projects and business. NOW is the time to take inspired action and see some results.


Click the video below and turn up the volume.  


What inspired action are you going to take? Post below in the comments!


Lots of Love,


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Your Permission Slip

Posted on 5/ 19/16

Are you waiting for permission to show up fully as YOU?


More than ever we all need YOU to step out with your unique gifts and be who you are truly meant to be and do what you’re meant to do.


I see it all the time that people… especially women, are waiting for permission to step up and be seen for their unique brilliance. You have permission!


In this video I share with you:


: Why more than ever, NOW is the time for you to show up and shine with your gifts.

: How to stop waiting and give yourself permission.

: The powerful gift you can give others.

: The freedom and prosperity that is possible when you show up in your true authenticity.


Click the video and turn up the volume.

What gift of yours is it time to give yourself permission to be seen for? Write in the comments below.


Much Love,




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Mercury Retrograde – A Call To Authenticity

Posted on 4/ 29/16

It’s time for Mercury Retrograde… again. In Vedic Astrology Mercury is retrograding in Aries and is calling you to be more of your true authentic self. To be more unabashedly YOU.


“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde


Jupiter is aspecting Mercury and calling you to dive deep and consider a more spiritual viewpoint and really get to the deeper meaning of things.


You are a spiritual being having a human experience.


Your authenticity is your Super Power.


Expressed through your divine gifts you grace the world…


I created this video to help you successfully navigate this Mercury retrograde.


Click this video below and turn up the volume.


Much Love,



P.S. What’s one way you could be more authentic? Answer below in the comments.

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How to stay on purpose in shifting times

Posted on 3/ 15/16

Change is afoot… Can you feel it? There is a lot shifting and aligning with the current planetary energy. We are in the middle of two eclipses, which means a stormy period of time that causes lots of change.

Not all change is bad. There are new ideas and opportunities being birthed and we are also being called to surrender and let go…

So, how do you stay on purpose and hold the course for what you are manifesting in your work in the world when so much is shifting?

It’s an inside job. When you navigate your life from the inside-out you know what to let go of and what new opportunities are truly yours. You won’t get sidetracked with unnecessary drama, shiny objects that will take you off course and not deliver their promise, or waste time and money.

In this video I share with you the three tools you need and can apply today to successfully navigate this shifting time from the inside-out, so you can stay On Point for what is most important to you in a way that is true for YOU.

Click the video below and turn up the volume…


Click here to talk with me about how you can stay On Point.

My Love,


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